Offering environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional solutions is very much part of West Penetone’s philosophy. By upgrading conventional formulations to equally efficient ecological versions, we are convinced that we are making a real difference in the environment.

Logo BioLogicThe Bio-Logic product line has several advantages:

  • Bio-degradable in less than 28 days
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Phosphate-free
  • Without EDTA
  • Non-corrosive

In addition to offering you a green alternative to more traditional products, West Penetone has developed two biological products to complement its range. Our deodorizer for trash compactors and waste containers and our grease treatment for grease drains and traps. They are very effective at neutralizing unpleasant odours due to their unique bio-formulation that turns fumes into carbon dioxide and water.

A seal of trust

EcoLogoMost of our Bio-Logic products have the EcoLogo © certification, which is the most recognized in North America in terms of environmental friendliness. With very strict standards, this program represents a strong and credible brand name with which West Penetone is proud to be associated.