West Penetone is not a newcomer in meeting the cleaning challenges of the transportation industry. Indeed, our products have been used for over 20 years so that locomotives, airplanes, trucks or cars throughout Canada and around the world can shine.

Specialists in the field

Every climate and industry requires special attention. Soil conditions and the type of water also influence the work to be performed. By taking all these aspects into account during research and development, we have designed products that remove dirt without damaging the vehicle’s paint and its shine.

Our high-performance products that are available in high or low pressure, in aerosol, foam, or in any other form, save you time, energy and money.

Environmental solutions at a sensible cost

Companies approach us to solve their cleaning challenges. They choose us because our solutions are innovative and respect the environment, and, in addition, they allow them to reduce their operating costs.

No transportation program would be complete without a range of products for car washes. West Penetone offers soaking, degreasing and cleaning products for tires and engines, as well as waxes, drying agents and solvents to remove insects. In addition, if you have a recirculation pump system, we have what’s necessary to meet the needs related to this equipment.

From degreasers to detergents and all the way to waxes and foams, our products meet the highest standards: yours!