Having been present in the high-volume cleaning industry since 1970, West Penetone has saved thousands of dollars each year for a variety of businesses in Canada. Whether for the commercial, industrial or hospital sector, our products are formulated to keep your clothes looking new and clean as long as possible and at reasonable costs.

How do we optimize the procedures for laundry?

  • By reducing the amount of cleaning products required
  • By reducing the time required for the wash cycle by up to 30%
  • By extending the life of fabrics with products that contain very little chlorine

The difference is clearly visible: your fabrics are softer, cleaner, static-free and free of skin irritants. We know how to clean stubborn stains on coveralls, particularly those from the oil sector.

Our expertise is the key to optimal cost control

As in all the industries where we stand out, our unique and comprehensive service provision aims to cover all your needs. Our services:

Analysis and diagnosis of your operations

  • Types of tasks to be processed or substances to be cleaned
  • Types of fabrics
  • Type of water
  • Types of machinery used

Design of a specific program

  • Selection of cleaning products and dispensing equipment to accurately control the dosage of fillings
  • Accurate calculation of the quantities required
  • Choice of wash cycle and water temperature

Installation of equipment

Validation of results and continuous monitoring

Visits to manage inventory, equipment and train your staff

Cleaner, faster!

By working with detergents and soaps that give you better results in less time and with less energy, West Penetone gives you savings benefits on many levels. So you win all along the line!

Our products are manufactured to exacting standards and are approved by the CFIA.

Partnership with Jim Young Laundry

West Penetone is pleased to announce an upgrade to our laundry program. West Penetone has partnered with Jim Young Laundry (JYL) as our exclusive sales/ service agents in Western Canada for West Penetone laundry products. Jim Young Laundry brings decades of valuable laundry expertise and knowledge from the equipment and service side of their successful laundry enterprise and now representing West Penetone laundry chemicals exclusively in Western Canada, JYL is poised to grow even further.

The Jim Young Laundry team is comprised in the field by Jay, Ryan & Jim Young, call them today to discuss your laundry needs, you will be glad you did!

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