From technical support to training, from product development to sanitation diagnosis, West Penetone offers a range of integrated and diversified services. Our experience in various sectors has proven the correctness of our approach that sensibly combines skill, presence and quality.

Our Services

Custom-made products: flexibility and speed

With its strong buying power and cutting-edge technical facilities, West Penetone manufactures products that comply with your standards and requirements at an exceptional quality/price ratio. Our research and development teams will address your specific needs to create a formula that will respond fully, both in terms of use and performance.

The cost control program: productivity and savings

Our technical team leverages all its expertise to ensure that your sanitation goals are achieved at the best cost. We’ll help you make optimal use of the products and equipment by establishing procedures that maximize performance. Coupled with staff awareness and regular monitoring, this methodology provides benefits in the short, medium and long term.

The program includes:

  • A needs assessment for each workstation
  • Recommendations for controlling costs
  • A training program for proper use of the products
  • A monthly consumption report including clear graphics that quickly identify problems

A guaranteed service program: vigilance that is appreciated!

Our specialists will visit regularly to check the equipment and to allow your staff to ask questions about the products’ use. Following these visits, you will be provided with a report concerning observations related to safety and compliance procedures. This report will also document employee training and equipment status, and will suggest improvements to be implemented.

This program includes:

  • Calibration of measuring and monitoring devices
  • Checking of equipment status
  • Staff training
  • Resolving of issues raised by staff
  • The detection of problems related to safety and compliance with established procedures.

Partnerships established on the basis of competency

By partnering with key players in the industries we cover, West Penetone ensures that customers make optimal use of the products it develops and distributes. This collaboration allows us to offer preventive audits as well as specialized software that integrate all aspects of hygiene, cleaning frequency planning and equipment management.

Support for designing the HACCP Program: A valuable partnership

As hygiene safety experts, we are able to offer you prudent advice on everything that affects the HACCP standard. We possess cutting-edge knowledge as well as the computer tools to help you develop procedures tailored to your establishment. Our Acolyte software will help you manage your cleaning and sanitizing operations in an efficient and user-friendly way.


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