West Penetone now offers a personalized consulting service to help you optimize your wastewater management. This service is available for all types of industry and will allow you to comply with environmental regulations and optimize your processes and costs.

Because wastewater management can vary depending on the municipality and the type of industry, it is essential to analyze the process in order to comply  regulations.
Wastewater is not always accepted by municipal water treatment plants, primary treatment or complete on-site treatment is then required.

West Penetone offers wastewater treatment technologies that are very simple to implement and will produce compliant effluents for disposal, or for additional treatment for water re-use.

We have state-of-the-art equipment to properly determine the optimal treatment, based on your type of business and your location.

      • Conductometer
      • Flotation machine for DAF units
      • Jar testers
      • Particle charge detector
      • pH meter
      • Turbidimeter
      • Viscometer

As our approach is global and comprehensive, work normally begins with an exhaustive audit of:

      • Discharge diagram
      • System dynamics
      • Chemicals used in plant and for wastewater treatment
      • Primary treatment
      • Biological treatment
      • Potential water saving
      • Required training

Our approach is aimed at generating exemplary return on investment and compliance.  Our solutions are creative and often innovative!
We offer detailed and cost-effective solutions to demystify processes and facilitate decision-making. The selected solutions are then implemented and validated.


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