Oil and gas production and processing activities can produce a variety of demands in terms of fluid treatment and waste management. These demands can manifest themselves as oil sludge, difficult emulsions, or sour produced water. The properties of which will dictate how they are handled and treated or how the vessels in which they were stored are prepared and cleaned.

West Penetone is pleased to offer the Fluid Separation and Treatment product line to confront these demands. Products in the FS&T line can assist in resolving paraffinic oil sludge found in storage tanks requiring cleaning prior to fluid removal, help resolve difficult emulsions slated for waste, and treat produced water according to disposal demands. Each of the products in the FS&T line also have proven performance in various other field applications including those in production, flow assurance, and water clarification.

The Fluid Separation and Treatment products can minimize many of the issues found in fluid treatment and waste management by increasing disposal options and alleviating handling issues.

Fluid Separation and Treatment


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