The sanitary conditions of a slaughterhouse or food processing plant require the establishment of particularly stringent measures. Because errors are not permitted, West Penetone simplifies and optimizes the logistics connected to the HACCP system with programs where everything has been designed to comply.

A difference even in your productivity!

Due to our decades of experience in your industry, we can say with certainty that it is possible to control cleaning and sanitation costs while improving productivity.

Working with the right equipment, the right product, the proper dosage and the correct frequency, you can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used, while maintaining an impeccable level of safety.

  • Products with, which are safe and easy to use
  • Equipment and procedures adapted to the plant’s requirements
  • EcoLogo certified products that are environmentally-friendly

Simplified cleaning procedures and audits

Acolyte® is software designed by West Penetone for the management of cleaning and sanitation of food processing plants and other industries.

The application allows to manage, monitor and optimize tasks and procedures for each department, chemical consumption and dilution and application and protection equipment for employees. The app also generates reports and alerts.

Acolyte Software Demo

With you for a long time

With the close assistance and monitoring that we offer, we naturally create long-term relationships with our customers. Our cutting edge expertise in the area of chemicals and our deep understanding of the industry’s challenges give you the assurance of being in good hands.

Our services for slaughtering and food processing plants:

  • Needs analysis at the plant
  • Testing and validation of products
  • Program implementation with monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive training on product dosage, implementation and safety
  • Support for documentation and procedures
  • Scheduled visits and an inspection schedule
  • Cost Reduction Program
  • Checking, repair and calibration of equipment
  • Problem solving
  • Shock treatment and recommendations in case of crisis
  • Preventive auditing service
  • Our Acolyte software to help you manage your cleaning and sanitizing operations

Also, since your plant never sleeps, we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’ve got the answers!

Our experience and advanced knowledge are at your disposal to improve all aspects related to the cleanliness and safety of your plant. From logistics to productivity, from personnel training to equipment calibration, we are your partners for the years to come.

West Penetone means cleanliness at a reliable cost!

Products accepted for food and beverage industries (CFIA)
Made in Canada