A product is only effective if it is properly measured and properly applied and this is why training is an important part of our hygiene safety programs. With an awareness of the issues relating to hygiene in severl industries, West Penetone teams with you to develop a seamless system one of whose key elements is the knowledge that is transmitted to your employees.

Whether on an individual or group basis, the training is carried out at your facilities and covers several aspects:

  • The basic principles of cleaning and industrial sanitary conditions
  • The modern chemistry of cleaning and sanitation
  • The handling of hazardous materials and safety (WHMIS)
  • The concentration measurements
  • The dosing, pumping and application equipment
  • The uses for the products and techniques in order to make use of them

At the end of their visit, our specialists will ensure that everyone understands the various tasks to be carried out as well as the safety measures relating to the use of concentrated chemicals. The training is aimed your staff that is responsible for cleanliness, so that they can develop superior expertise and mastery of the processes. By reducing the margin of error and increasing skills, productivity will be greatly improved!

Our difference: presence

Our hygiene safety experts are located in major cities across Canada, which allows them to provide rapid assistance and take prompt action when needed. With many years of experience, they will know how to accurately diagnose any problems, and provide specific and concrete solutions to these.

With well-trained employees, cutting-edge products and equipment, and experts all along the line, West Penetone creates winning conditions at all levels!


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