Since West Penetone’s inception in 1882, innovation has given meaning to its existence. Research, development, testing and discoveries have always motivated the company, which is today the number one player in the field of cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

Ongoing investments and an insatiable appetite for research have spawned dozens of industrial products whose use is now spreading worldwide.

Our major developments include the d-limonene-based CITRIKLEEN® range of products. Made from citrus peel extracts, these products demonstrate unparalleled effectiveness, in addition to being rapidly bio-degradable and non-carcinogenic. Thanks to their great qualities, they are renowned for performing extensive work in several sectors.

Another technological advance that is worthy of note is Tamed Iodine®, or Iodophors, which are of benefit to the food industry for its disinfection needs.

The Ultra product line is another of West Penetone’s initiatives for a healthier environment. Our customers have quickly adopted these concentrated formulations that generate half as much waste and do so at lower cost. Everybody wins!

Designed for the Oil & Gas industry, the ROC Product Series is a full product line for vessel decontamination procedures requiring control over gas emissions and solids or liquid fouling. Each product in the ROC Series is tailored to manage variability in the treatment of hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide gas emissions as well as scale, such as iron sulfide, and oil-skim accumulation to effectively reduce the procedural schedule.

The SCAVEX Product Series is a full line of fast-acting hydrogen sulfide scavengers designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from sour fluids as well as to treat the headspace or atmosphere of contaminated vessels. Each product in the SCAVEX Product Series functions to either treat specific sour fluids, provide benefits as per the required application procedure, or address specific waste handling or exposure concerns such as those present due to addition of methanol or formaldehyde to the formulation.

Recognized as a pioneer, West Penetone has made its mark in the field of safety, cleaning and sanitary conditions. In seeking to meet the emerging needs of our customers, we are constantly innovating and year after year we are able to offer you solutions that are ever greener, more efficient and more profitable.

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