The creation of a policy to provide more concentrated products to reduce the use of plastic, water and our carbon footprint linked to transportation has always been at the heart of our concerns. Although some products require a ready-to-use version, most of our products are available as concentrates.

      • Most of our products are made from fully biodegradable raw materials
      • Most of our products do not contain phosphates
      • Our Bio Logic line is phosphate and EDTA free and readily biodegradable in less than 28 days
      • Our ÉcoLogo® certified products meet all performance standards for industries that require such products

The Montreal and Edmonton plants has made strides and taken efforts to identify raw materials that should be substituted because of their impacts on health and the environment. The Edmonton plant substituted “butyl”, NTA, diethanolamine derivatives, and NPE’s to make our products safer and greener. The Montreal plant does not use “butyl” in new formulations and never used NTA. Both diethanolamine derivatives and NPE’s have been replaced in the Montreal production plant.


At West Penetone, all wastewater used for the manufacture of our products is recuperated and them sent for treatment to a specialized firm; it is not discharged into the municipal water system for treatment.
Thanks to special techniques and the services of a consultant, we either recycle our rinse water or treat it. By using this method, the volume of our wastewater has decreased by 50% in 2020 versus 2019.
We also foresee an annual reduction of 10% or more in the volume of our wastewater.


West Penetone does not use plastic wrap to secure its containers for storage. We use reusable elastic bands to stabilize products on pallets in warehouses.  We use recycled plastic or metal drums for the packaging of 75% of our products.


West Penetone relies on electronic versions of its documents and discourages unnecessary printing. All the documentation for our customers is also available via our website. All the paper that is still used in our offices is recycled by a specialized firm.
The cardboard used for our products packaged in containers of 4 litres or less comes from recycled materials and is also recyclable.


Outdated telephone systems, mobile phones and computer equipment, used batteries and other electronic equipment are recycled by a specialist firm.
West Penetone has two charging stations for hybrid or electric cars. The system is also designed to accommodate additional terminals, as needed.

The Edmonton plant went under major renovations which include a complete revision of our heating, ventilation, and isolation systems for better efficiency. We also acquired a new emissions air scrubber. This unit removes any airborne vapors or contaminates from reaching the outside atmosphere, thereby reducing or eliminating VOC’s and other chemical odors from being released into the atmosphere.

We also seized this opportunity to replace fluorescent lights in the office and high-pressure sodium bulbs in production with high efficiency LED lights. Motion sensors were installed in some spaces to use even less energy. The LED technology allows not to change another lightbulb for the next 20 years or so!


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