Decontamination / Degasification


Decontamination is a critical path activity every time a facility takes equipment offline for maintenance. West Penetone has leveraged several decades of experience to develop chemistry that our customers rely on to ensure plant clearing is achieved on schedule and on budget. Our industry-proven Refinery Oilfield Cleaning (ROC) product line, complemented by a selection of specialized formulations, is applied globally by owners and industrial service contactors whether the Scope of Work entails routine cleaning or a major unit turnaround.

West Penetone has solutions for most challenging applications, ranging from sulphur and pyrophoric iron sulfide remediation to situations where the combined oil removal and complex degasification is required. Procedures can be tailored to accommodate liquid circulation or vapor-phase co-injection with chemistry matched to optimize project outcome and exceed customer expectations.

Our S.T.AR. (Shutdown/Turnaround) team offers our customers access to remote as well as on-site product support creating a true technical partnership, with a focus on continuous improvement and the implementation of best practices. In fact, some of our chemistry is a product of Research & Development involving close collaboration with the industry. We would welcome the opportunity to work together and identify how West Penetone can help improve your plant decontamination program.