H₂S Scavenging / Remediation


Our sulphide collection and sequestration technologies work together with the technologies used for temporary closures during factory maintenance. To remove contaminants and flammable substances from vessels and pipelines, we have developed the specialized Refinery Oilfield Cleaning (ROC) line of products.

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Scavenger & Degasification

West Penetone has also process valued expertise and will support you in the planning and supervision of these delicate operations, while keeping to the budget and time allotted.

Although only newly present in this field, West Penetone was quick to develop unique triazine-based chemical components to neutralize hydrogen sulphide. We offer four products at various prices, which have all been tested and verified individually at the Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. Calgary Research Center in Canada.

In addition, West Penetone recently hired additional staff to meet the growing needs of the oil industry and its related activities such as the sulphide collection and sequestration, de-emulsification, corrosion, and scaling inhibiting.

West Penetone wants to respond directly to your production requirements by providing you with a comprehensive program that is both affordable and effective.